Sylvia RZEPKA's SR Horse Training is internationally known as an excellent and highly successful horsetraining operation clearly focusing on Reining. We provide the whole range from well educated "free-time horses" over well ridden "amateur horses" up to "Futurity-", "Derby-" and "Open-horses".

Sylvia's concept focuses on the individual highest performance. Every horse is brought to it's individual highest level without exceeding it's limits.

Every horseowner - regarding his own and his horses optimal success strategy - receives personal advice and coaching from Sylvia RZEPKA because the best way is always determined "together". The main focus is on systematically working towards bringing horses and their owners to the set goals. Sylvia RZEPKA also provides advice and support in buying a horse which can reach these goals.

The SR Horse Training barn is offering everything necessary for top showsport as well as top of the line horseboarding. All horses are trained in a 30 x 60m arena and on a 40 x 80m outside track. They are boarded under video surveillance in bright and safe stalls with windows and rubber mat flooring and can also enjoy daily turnouts - stallions in their own paddocks. A cozy "Stüberl" completes the package for horseowners where they can relax and socialize.