about SYLVIA

All my life I have been connected with horses and equestrian sports. At the age of nine I began to ride and started competing in horse shows three years later. As a 16-year old, I was ready to compete in open classes. Spending a year in the United States helped me making the decision to ride horses professionally which more and more became a way of life for me.

Being a professional horsetrainer and competitor since 1993 I was exclusively dedicated to the Cutting sport which changed in 1997/98 when I focused entirely on Reining. Since 2006 I also represent my home country Germany in various competitions and take part in the biggest international Reining sports events. For me personally, the World Cup team competition in 2008 and winning the derby in Italy in 2011 were the emotional highlights of my career so far.

I am always happy to support and help riders and horseowners and I am looking forward to talk to you in person.